15.07 - 10.08 2019 PIFresidency_19: Scott Kildall
@ Slovenia

Scott Kildall is a new media artist who looks at the interplay between territory and technology. He sees this as a dynamic relationship, which changes as the dissemination of new inventions shift and then resettle structures of power.

During his stay in Ljubljana in July 2019 as an invited Projekt Atol Institute Artist-in-Residency Kildall will work on Unnatural Language project.

Unnatural Language creates auditory improvisations in the natural environment through geographically decentralised sculptures that act as autonomous “creatures”. The installation consists of a series of 10-12 independent synthetic creatures, located in trees, hidden in shrubbery and perched in crevices, spread out through nature so that they surround viewers and listeners. Each creature has its own personality with specific sensors that pick up data from the environment such as the electrical activity of plants, the force of wind through trees and the presence of animals.

Unnatural Language makes a dynamically-synthesized soundscape, changing in responsive patterns as the sculptures listen to one another and respond via their own invisible network of communication. They sense their environment and then chatter, sleep, emit mating calls and sometimes illuminate, reacting with a hive-like intelligence that conducts unplanned possibilities at different sites.

The relationship between the synthetic creatures and their host ecosystem is commensal, where one benefits and the other derives neither benefit nor harm. Deriving data from other organisms, the artwork poses questions of how we can integrate the digital with specific ecosystems such as the forest, jungle and beaches. This heightened experience resemble animal behaviour with the recombinatory possibilities of electronic devices.

Unnatural Language project is a collaboration between Scott Kildall and Michael Ang.