01 - 30.09 2019 FeralAIR: Claudia Rohrmoser and APNOA
@ Schmiede

During their FeralAIR residency at Schmiede Claudia Rohrmoser and the artist duo APNOA (Sebastian Drack & Tobias Feldmeier) will work on a project Leuchtturm – they want to build an immersive space into the Tower.

Immersive spaces are considered one of the key phenomena of our time. Medially staged/enhanced exhibitions aim at an art reception between museum, event and spectacular Gesamtkunstwerk. The trend towards immersive and interactive art education requires ever more complex technical innovations to create the magic of the moment that astonishes audiences. These technological processes affect scientific research interests (such as human-computer interaction) and economic applications (communication in space at eg. trade fairs or expos etc.).

Claudia Rohrmoser 
Video Designer Claudia Rohrmoser was born in Salzburg, Austria. She studied Experimental Media Design at Berlin University of the Arts and Multimedia Arts at the FH Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. Focusing on visual music, her works include animation shorts, documentaries and video scenography.  Her latest works were shown at Salzburg Biennale – Festival for New Music, in the ORF Radiokulturhaus Vienna and the Austrian Theatre Museum. Rohrmoser worked several years as a lecturer in experimental animation at FH Salzburg and as a professor of motion design at the BTK and UE University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. Currently she is professor in Digital Media and Experiment at FH Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences.

APNOA is an audiovisual collective, founded by Sebastian Drack and Tobias Feldmeier. The artists aim for forward-thinking ideas and strategies in practice and theory, in order to provide immersive multi-sensory experiences and narratives, presented as audiovisual performances, installations and multimedia productions. Their work is settled in the field of performative interaction and seek for an ambiguous character generating synesthetic correlations whithin the act-theoretical semantics and immediate, aesthetic perception. APNOA participated in several international exhibitions, festivals and touring events in Europe and Asia like Big Data Art 2013 (Munich), ISMAR 2015 (Fukuoka), Algorave Tour 2015 (Japan), OÖ Landesausstellung 2016 (Linz), Interlab Festival 2016 (Salzburg), Prague Microfestival 2017 (Prague), Ars Electronica Festival 2017 (Linz), Patchlab Festival 2017 (Krakow).