14 - 22.08 2020 Electric Wonderland 2020
@ Fužine, Rakov Jarak, Croatia

Electric Wonderland 2020 is a maker/hacker camp within the international Feral Labs Network project having in focus the topics of artistic, environmental and digital resilience from the perspective of citizen science. This year the camp functions as a Residential Research Lab and artist-in-residence program. It is a one week of curious explorations and research in the fields of drawing machines and mechatronics, Off-the-Grid botanical and water labs, nature orientation, audio synthesis, gamification and design thinking, biohacking, 3D modelling, site-specific installations, performances, electro guerilla crocheting and wearables, soldering and hacking devices, DIY primitive tools, diverse sensors and lots of practical activities such as night trails, body&mind exercises, as well as shared talks around the campfire on how to find new ways of strategic re-thinking and doing for hybrid communities and organisations in preparation for the post-covid-19 future.

The residents will create a tinkering mobile lab with online streaming and digital content in order to bring not only the atmosphere from the camp and its residents, but to open up cross-sectorial interdisciplinary collaboration with people from across the world.

The camp will gather artists, makers, technologists, designers, environmentalists, musicians, hackers, art crafters and citizens scientists willing to expand their own curiosity in a broader sense at the intersections of arts, technology, innovation, science, culture, education and social practices within one joint creative playground.