01 - 29.09 2019 AIR: Till Bovermann
@ Field_Notes

Till Bovermann (DE) is an artist and scientist, working with the sensation of sound and interaction. He studied Computer Science in the Natural Science, majoring in Robotics at Bielefeld University here he also received a PhD. During his post-doc at Media Lab Aalto University, he lead DEIND, a project aimed to design instruments for people with autistic spectrum disorder. Till was principal investigator of the project 3DMIN project at UdK Berlin. Since 2018, he works for the art-science project “rotting sounds” at University for Applied Arts, Vienna. Till displayed his artistic work and performed with his self-build instruments at various European places such as ZKM Karlsruhe, Queen Mary University London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Athens, Helsinki, Frankfurt. Till co-curated the festival “Performing Sound, Playing Technology” at ZKM. Till has been teaching at various international institutions. Alongside his artistic and academic work, he develops software in and for SuperCollider.

“The surrounding of Kilpisjärvi is host to many “microworlds” — relatively small places like rocks, small ponds, or streams that gather a relatively big variety of plants, mushrooms and animals around themselves. As a sound artist, I am interested in the biophony and soundscape (“how does it sound?”) of such microworlds. During my Ars-Bioarctica residency at the Kilpisjärvi Biology Station, I search for such microworlds, to listen to them, and record what they might hear. I will also perform together with them with my electronic live-coding system.”