16 - 22.08 2020 AIR: Sara Ercegović
@ Radiona

She is a versatile musician and activist. She performs in the band ŽEN where she plays drums and analog synths. Sara deals with DIY electronics and making things from mostly recycled materials. As an activist, she is interested in the fields of equality and ecology. Gets tired of multitasking and relaxes with hiking, yoga and cycling. Born in Split in 1982, she lives in Zagreb since 2000.

At the 2020 edition of Radiona’s Electric Wonderland summer camp, Sara will combine her strongest interests and passion for music, nature and recycling into one functional whole perspective called The Forest Orchestra. The Forest Orchestra is an inclusive music installation that will be created and remain at the Electric Wonderland camp site, and will include instruments made from recycled materials (bottles, strings, drumsticks and membranes).