15 - 26.09 2019 AIR: Noora Sandgren
@ Field_Notes

Noora Sandgren (FI) is a visual artist and art educator. She obtained BA in Social Psychology at the Helsinki University, currently finishing two MA’s: Photography and Art education at Aalto University of Arts Design and Architecture. She studied various artistic techniques, art history and theory. Sandgren has exhibited works in Finland & internationally, ranging from long term project Fluid being, containing cameraless photography, sculpture, video, drawing, poetry, installation, immersive & interactive art, bioart, performance.

“Often working outside, I seek to find ways of collaborating with the weather, insects, plants and found outdated light-sensitive materials. The residency is giving me the opportunity to test my ideas and to stage experiments.  I am using the residency as well to collect different materials and samples of rocks, plants, soil etc. to be further used in studies and experiments for my laboratory work in Helsinki.”