15 - 29.09 2019 AIR: Kati Roover
@ Field_Notes

Kati Roover (FI/EE) is multidisciplinary artist living and working in Helsinki. In her works she approaches environmental changes through poetic imagination creating works that combine her research with a broad range of perspectives e.g human non – human interaction, natural sciences, ecological and decolonial thinking, deep listening, mythical storytelling, feminist new materialisms, elemental cinema and documentary essay film. She works with moving image sound photography text and installations.

“I am working with a project H2O – Creatures and my main intention was to explore and listen to the different waters and to gather some recordings for my sound piece. For this ongoing project I have looked at the massive cultural changes where water’s cyclical time were condensed into simple H2O form. The mythical stories of water gave way to the linear time defined by a man. Human watery organs and the efficient processes created by them, work as modifiers of water structure and it’s flows in the environment.”