01.09 - 31.10 2020 AIR: Mirabelle Jones
@ Catch

Catch is pleased to present the artist-in-residence for fall 2020 Mirabelle Jones. This residency will span two months in September and October. For this residency, Jones will create a selection of interactive technology-infused products inspired by works of science fiction written by a diverse group of authors. These works encompass: feminist science fiction, afrofuturism, queer science fiction, Japanese magical realism, and Chinese hard science fiction. The project investigates the role of science fiction in real world technologies while also considering dynamics of sex, gender, and race. Who gets to design future technologies and how do those technologies reflect the values and interests of their creators? The project will result in a series of tutorials and educational materials that will be disseminated online. Both a virtual exhibition and a physical exhibition at Catch have been planned for the completion of the project mid-November 2020.