Schmiede is an annual ten-day event for networking, learning, creation and presentation. It facilitates a creative pop-up ecosystem in order to enhance cooperation and motivate fast prototyping with more than 300 participants from over 15 nations and a good gender balance. Schmiede creates a temporary critical mass where there is usually none and forms a semi-public program around it. In any undertaking, Schmiede attempts to inspire, motivate and blur the line between the producer and the consumer, creating an autonomous and inclusive learning experience. The participants come to Hallein and enjoy this temporary collaborative workspace, which is open, fluid and stable at the same time. HOW TO APPLY?

Past events

16 - 25.09 2020, Schmiede20: Horses @ Hallein, Austria

11 - 20.09 2019, Schmiede19: better @ Hallein, Austria